SHARE Videos using PS4

We all love to share our daily activities on the social medium. Some do it for fun, some for monetizing it and many more. With the introduction of the share button on the Dual shock 4 controllers it has become very easy to upload gameplay videos to popular video streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch.

You have to link accounts first, settings for which can be found in your profile section. Once done, you can connect Youtube and Twitch. The share button can be found on the left hand side top of your controller. Double clicking it starts recording and another single click stops and provides you with the options to share to which ever platform you intend.

You can also adjust the resolution in which you want to upload also. Though I would say, stick to 720p for a better viewing experience. Once you finalize the videos are added to the Uploads section on your PS4 which gets uploaded in the background.

This is 360 – don’t go for this resolution guys

I couldn’t find a way to upload and add to a particular playlist on youtube, but am sure it will arrive soon. Do let me know if you find one.

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