iPhone 12 – the best so far!

Its almost end 2020, a year like never before and apple has revealed their next best tech. The new iPhone – 12. Apple used an online event to launch its new iPhones due to Covid-19. In case you missed it, you can watch it here. So what’s new.

5G – The fifth-generation
Yes, iPhones have introduced 5G – the latest cellular network. 5G was one of the key points of the Hi, Speed event with apple stressing a lot all throughout their videos. We also got to see a lot of memes come upon it as well.

4 new variants
Apple introduced 4 new variants – the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 max. A particularly striking feature was the screen size of the mini which is around 5.4″. There are a lot of people who still tend to stick to smaller sized screens and Apple has aptly provided them with that. The 12 and mini have aluminium sides

A14 Bionic chip and a new GPU
We got to see a glimpse of the new SoC from Apple. Apple mentions that it is the fastest chip in a smartphone yet and uses the new 5nm manufacturing process, which basically means more stuff on a smaller chip and also better and efficient power consumption. Just to give an idea the A14 has around 11.8 billion transistors on it compared to 8.5 billion on A13 which is roughly a 40% increase. Apple also added a new GPU(quad-core) boasting a 30% increase in the graphic rendering process.

OLED and Ceramic shield
Apple shifted to OLED panels this time which somehow allows them to make thinner panels due to the backlight panel removal. It also provides better battery consumption. A new protective layer called the Ceramic shield was added to the iPhones this year which basically gives more protection apart from the normal Gorilla glasses. Apple said it offers four times greater resistance to damage from drops.

The iPhones start from $599 for the mini all the way up to $1,099 for the pro max.

While these are a couple, we are sure there will be a lot more as we start using the iPhones. The pre-orders start from October 30th with orders for the mini starting from November 6th.

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