TikTok – the new craze!

And there is yet another round of support and uproar going on in the digital world. This time it’s around the so called TikTok app. An app that is making everyone go Ufff!

TikTok is owned by a chinese company ByteDance and as of writing has more than 1.5 billion downloads and 800 million active users. Wow! It was a result of the merger of musical.ly which was again a chinese company. Gosh these chinese are awesome.

So what is the fuss all about. Well, TikTok is lip-sync application. Yeah right, where you take filmy dialogues and lip-sync with them. But wait, it’s different. You can apply filters and transitions to it which makes it feel awesome. Well atleast, that is what my grandma tells me.

The app went through a series of rejections starting with the Indian govt putting up an order to remove it from Google and Apple app stores on April 3rd. TikTok suffered by coughing up $5.7 million in accusations that it violated children’s privacy laws(COPPA). On March 12 the US govt. introduced a bill to ban federal devices from using the chinese app over concerns of data being sent to the Chinese.

But why Hate it. I mean it’s a harmless app. Why is the community mad. It’s not that other companies aren’t violating our privacies. Lol! Remember how Zuckeberg would suggest a red shirt everytime we would talk about it on WhatsApp. Hmm! how did … what the …

Anyways, the world had it’s own reasons. Apart from ByteDance’s “close” relations with the chinese govt, other accusations involve the promotion of nudity. But how? Well for one the teen go out of their ways to make a popular video and inturn attract predators. Another set of blames involve users getting spending too much time on the platform. They claim people are getting addicted to TikTok. Aww! They care! And the all time favorite – “humare parampara k khilaaf hain“(against our culture). Although am still in search for what is our culture, but sure okay.

Baseless is it? Well, people took it a little too far with the App. Many incidents were reported like the man who burnt his wife coz he wasn’t allowed to use it and many more. It has also given rise to a segment called TikTok stars who are getting very popular by the day. Although the world is still trying to figure what their talent is but it’s okay as long as you are famous.

One thing is for sure, people are spending a lot of time on TikTok which is getting on the nerves of the ordinary people. Evident from the fact that so many people are investing time to ban it. Twitter has it on trending today Banned or not something or the other will always come up and when it comes we will be here TO BAN IT!

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