Work from Home – the new way of life?

Yes, you heard it right. If it hasn’t become a way of life yet, it sure will in the upcoming days. But how many are in favor of this culture being developed. On one hand, where you have companies like Twitter promoting Work from home culture, there are still offices around the world who are reluctant to imbibe this new way of – working at a distance. Nevertheless, the pandemic has left the world changed in one way or the other.

Like they say it takes 21 days to catch a new habit. The employees sure have. But have employers? From employee layoffs to reduced building maintenance, the companies have cut their costs manifold. So have the employees who have started looking out for better opportunities in the form of hobby projects to digital startups to alternate sources of income.

While one benefits, there is always another who suffers. On one side, as the rich cash upon the opportunities of the “digital revolution of 2 years in 2 months”, another section of the society, the daily wage earners stare into the dark, hoping that the ban will be lifted and they will go back to their normal lives again.

So the question remains, will work from home actually change the way of life. Or is this another of those Darwin theories to test the survival of the fittest.

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